4 seasons in Canazei

The flowering period which attracts visitors from all countries.

Before the meadows are mowed, or the blooms die off, you can admire the numerous, beautiful flowers that cover the high mountain slopes, all the marvellous species which grow around our hotels. Edelweiss flowers have even taken root in the Dolomia stone wall of the hotel. The period is from June to the end of July.

A week of fortifying and gratifying outings.

From the hotel forecourt, equipped with good trekking shoes, and carabiners and ropes for the experts, groups depart for both easy and more strenuous treks, excursions on the vie ferrate, and climbs on which you will be able to admire the amazing scenery which surrounds you, and which fortifies the body and the spirit. In the evening, upon your return, you will be able to recount your experiences, which will stay with you as unforgettable memories. The period is from 1st August until 28th August.

Period of the ‘enrosadira’ and the spectacular colours of the landscape.

The air becomes crisper, and as a consequence, so do the landscape and nature, as they slowly change their clothing. The redcurrant bushes grow heavy with fruit, the leaves take on an ochre hue, the trees begin to change colour, some become yellow, others turn to various tones of orange. At dawn, the mountains become pink, and at sunset they burn with the most intense flame-red colour. The period is from 28th August, for the whole month of September, until mid-October.

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